Privacy Policy

All users who log on to the LandIn.Space Website are considered in scope of this Privacy Policy whether or not they engage in any activity accordingly.

  • Personal information about members (name, nickname, e-mail address, mail address, phone information, items bought etc.) is definitely not shared with third parties excluding the circumstances undermentioned:
    • Necessities arising from the legal rules such as Law, Decree Law, Regulation etc. which are in force and enacted by competent legal authority,
    • In case any information about the members are requested by competent administrative and legal authorities in accordance with an investigation made in due form,
    • In circumstances where it is necessary to disclose information in order to protect the member’s rights or security,
    • In cases where ATRIUM LABS finds it necessary for the fulfillment of the requirements of the “LandIn.Space” Membership Agreement and for the execution of these requirements and upon request of real or legal persons.
  • The users are solely in control of the content of the information submitted by themselves while becoming a member. ATRIUM LABS does not give permission to any third party to access to and change this information.
  • However, ATRIUM LABS reserves the right to analyse or make third parties analyse and share the obtained information about the members, other than the objectives and scope stated in the LandIn.Space
  • Membership Agreement, in order to do direct marketing and/or to improve the services provided or to provide more exclusive and more effective services to its members. Within this scope; the information to be shared with third parties is limited with the statistical or demographic analysis such as members transactions within the Website, user profiles etc. and does not include member’s personal information.
  • When required, ATRIUM LABS has the right to ascertain and use the IP addresses of the members in order to determine and troubleshoot the problems about the system and the Website.
  • For safety reasons, ATRIUM LABS or it’s employees doesn’t keep any record about the credit card information of members, therefore they never ask or demand this kind of information from the members. The credit card information is transmitted to the related services(PayPal or Stripe) with the highest security standards and bilateral connections. The credit card information is codified before transmission so the security of the information during the transmission is ensured.
  • In principle; all the transfer of information, transmission, confirmation, order etc. is made via internet within the Website. However; for exceptional situations, a verbal or written confirmation of orders may be requested by the bank or our firm for the protection of our members. In that case, the bank or our firm has the right to reach the members from the contact information registered by the member.
  • ATRIUM LABS may give a link to other sites within the Website. ATRIUM LABS doesn’t have any liability regarding the privacy policies and contents of the linked sites.
  • Members hereby accept and declare that they are aware of the fact that ATRIUM LABS is using technical transmission files called “Cookie” with intent to avoid repeating commercials and password entry and to track activities within the Website.

The privacy provisions stated herein is applied in order to provide a safer internet media according to ATRIUM LABS’s customer satisfaction principle and these provisions are an inseparable part and attachment of the Membership Agreement placed with our members.

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