Frequently Asked Questions


Is it worth investing in a high quality domain name?

In order to easily find the answer, you just need to respond to the next questions: is there any difference between a shop in a very popular area and one in a forgotten alley? is the storefront matter for prospective client?

Who is LandIn.Space?

LandIn.Space is a project of Atrium Labs, an IT startup with offices in Romania and France, and member of multiple startup programs like Microsoft BizSpark and Facebook FbStart.
We are legal European business that can be verified on the VIES EU VAT platform with the VAT details: RO 32723030

Is it secure?

The website uses verified COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA security certificate and the payments are done only by secured PayPal payments, direct bank transfer or secured escrow services.
We own all the domains listed on this platform, so once the payment is cleared we will get in touch with you for the transfer.
We try to do our best to secure the customer details that are kept in our database (name, address, domain requested/purchased).
! We can also sale the domain through Escrow services like – an UK company – you just need to contact us asap to be able to remove the domain from our shop, otherwise the rule is first-come, first-served – and the online shop has the time priority.

Having trouble with my account activation or payment

Please contact us through the contact form on LandIn.Space/contact/ or by email own -@- (please remove the spaces and “-” characters – this is just for anti-spam), and we will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.

How to transfer a domain name?

The easiest way is to push the domain to your account at the same registrar. Otherwise we will send you the EPP code for domain transfer.
We can provide you with technical assistance in English or French. Please contact us through the contact form on LandIn.Space/contact/ or by email own -@- (please remove the spaces and “-” characters – this is just for anti-spam), and we will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.


How to buy a domain name at LandIn.Space?

Search for your domain name in the portfolio or directly on the online shop.
If you’ve found your domain in the shop, it means that you can purchase it directly at the stated price.
If you cannot find the domain in the shop, it means that you need to send us an inquiry with your offer and we will get back to you ASAP.
Sometimes there is a possibility to negotiate the price shown in the shop, so send us your inquiry with your offer and we will see want we can do about it.

How much should I offer for a domain?

Think about how valuable the domain is for you and how much it will help you achieve your projects deam. Don’t strain, a premium domain it’s not going to be cheap as a beer 🙂 so don’t lose your chance of owning a great domain with a bad offer.

How long is my offer legally binding?

All offers made on domains are legally binding for four (4) days or until the other party makes a counter offer. In each counter offer, the period automatically restarts.
Buy now option gives you exclusivity for 7 days, so that the payment clears and then you will be the new owner of the domain. Otherwise, if the payment doesn’t clear in seven (7) days, the transaction will fail and the domain will be set back on the market.

How long does the buyer have to make payment?

Online payments through PayPal are quick and they will be cleared in a day or two.
For bank transfers we ask the buyer to remit payment within five (3) business days of an agreement and creation of the payment request, with the aim of receiving the money within ten (7) business days. The exact time frame varies due to the time it can take for money to be sent to and from different countries.

How can I pay for my domain?

PayPal:By using PayPal, you don’t have to expose your banking details or credit card numbers to the merchant. It is an easy and fast way to make payment. Yet, please be informed that PayPal option is not valid if your payment exceeds 2,500 euros(current limitations).
Wire Transfer: Buyer will be provided with the wire transfer information of LandIn.Space – Atrium Labs account. As soon as the payment arrives, the technical transfer begins.
Escrow: We use Transpact UK for secure financial services. So you don’t have to release your payment to us until you are sure that you have the ownership of the domain name. Please see below the steps to proceed with the transaction via confirm an email address for you to be able to receive an email from We will initiate the transaction by the email address that you provide, and inform you the recent status.Once you have the email from, you’ll be asked to sign into to review and agree to the terms. Once you have agreed to the terms, you will then be asked to make a secured online payment. Once payment is secured by, the transfer of the domain begins.
Credit Card: This type of payment is done through PayPal credit card secure services, so we are not keeping any details on our servers. Once your payment is received through Credit Card, the transaction period starts.

Can I receive an invoice of the transaction?

Once the payment has been cleared, we will ask you to send us the company/personal details for the invoice – if you have not added them correctly in your account – even if we recommend that you do that from the start, otherwise you’ll most likely go to a more thural verification process until the payment clears. We are an European business that can be verified on the VIES EU VAT platform with the VAT details: RO 32723030

Escrow service accepted

We are working with – an UK based Escrow services company that has the lowest fees on the market and it’s really easy to use. So, if you don’t like to shop directly on our platform, send us a message asap, so we will know that will need to block the online sale for that specific domain.


Can someone else buy or lease the domain name that I leased?

No. The lessee has the exclusive right to purchase the domain while on contract. Once the lease contract expires and the lessee, doesn’t send a request of purchase, the domain gets back on the market on sale/lease. The purchase request has to be made during the lease contract not afterwards, if the lessee wants to keep exclusivity.

If I lease a domain, do I have the right to purchase the domain?

Yes, during the lease term you have exclusive right to purchase the domain name. You can buy the domain name at the agreed price, the Option Price, that has been written in the Details page of the lease contract. Depending on when you purchase, you can receive a credit towards the purchase price based on the lease payments you have made.

What is the Option price?

The option price is the price that you will pay for your leased name if you would like to buy it.

What is the Licence fee?

This is the lease payment that you will pay at your determined periods. For example, if you lease Dev.Tools for 1.000 euros per month, the license fee is 1.000 euros.

Can I make the payments yearly instead of monthly?

You can determine the payment periods. You can pay monthly, per trimester or yearly.

Can I lease the domain name forever?

Yes, you can. The term of the lease can be extended indefinitely.

What happens at the end of the lease term? Can I renew the agreement ?

You are required to inform us whether you would like continue leasing the domain name or not, fourteen days prior to the expiration. If you would not inform us via email that you would like to terminate the agreement 14 days prior to the expiration, the agreement automatically renew it.

What means “Credit earned” in the agreement?

The credit is basically the benefit from historical lease payments. A portion of your lease fees is applied as a credit towards the purchase price.
You will gain 90% credit during first year, 60% for the second year. You will earn 30% each year until 5th year.
After year 5, your credits expire.


We will update this section with more details in the future. For the moment please head on “How it works” page.