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Land In Space
an Atrium Labs project

We are the partner you were looking for.

We care about the future of your business, because we know that a happy client is a loyal client. And with that, we will also be successful.

We like to be the ones that open your road to success.

We can help you accomplish your dreams, by giving you the opportunity to own, rent or partner, for a high quality, easy to find and to remember, web domain.

All the domains that you have seen presented on this platform, are or have been owned by us.

For all the domains that we have in our portfolio, we have business ideas on how to transform it into a great product. We are ready to share them, only with you, once the contract has been signed.

Even if LandIn.Space as a project, is new on the market, the Atrium Labs team behind it, has many years of experience, with many projects taken to success, as you can see on our company’s website.

Every domain, has been carefully selected by our team of marketing experts.

99% of our domains use the New gTDLs that are more meaningful, SEO friendly and market targeted from the start, without even spending money on advertising.

Why fight an extremely expensive battle, to end your Tools domain in .com, when you have a precise and targeted domain extension .Tools that can get you a much better customer conversion. Ex: Dev.Tools

If you want to know more on how you can buy, rent or even partner for a Premium Domain, head to How it Works

If you have other questions for us, leave us a message through the contact form.

And don’t forget… as Pablo Picasso said: “Everything you can imagine is real“, you just need to show it to the rest of the world.

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